Drone Filming & Photos

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Drone Filming and Photography

At Moments Productions, we respect CAA laws and ensure our drone pilots operate with the correct qualifications and within the rules set out by the CAA. Before taking off for any drone flights, we check in with Airshare to log our flights and ensure all permissions are sorted.

Byron Taylor has completed his Part 101 and Part 102 drone qualification.

Byron’s part 102 drone qualification ensures his proficiency in: the rules covering drone flying and activities, flight planning, weather and how it impacts flying, permissions under Part 101 and 102, NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen), privacy considerations, knowledge testing, airspace and the rules surrounding it, airshare, pre flighting the aircraft and the Part 102 Flight Test.

Check out Byron’s Part 102 license certificates here:

We have two ranges of the DJI drones in our equipment repertoire to suit our client’s needs and the types of footage/photography to be captured for the project:

– DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 35mm cinema camera, with Prores and DNG cinema licenses, as well as a variety of lenses

– DJI Phantom 4 Pro, capable of filming 4k at 50fps

Drone Portfolio

We’ve worked with a range of clients across multiple industries, delivering exceptional quality drone filming and photography in Wellington and across New Zealand.

Some of our projects include:

– Mitsubishi

– City Councils

– New Zealand Travel and Tour

– Home and Garden Shows across New Zealand

– Wellington Paranormal (television series)

– Ben and Jerry’s

– Advertising agencies (VMLY&R, True, Eighty One)

– ABC Business Sales

– Hotels and resorts, restaurants, real estate agencies, sport stadiums…

View our highlight montage video including some of our drone shots from recent shoots:

Drone filming for the Mitsubishi Huntaway Ad:

Drone: DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 camera

Drone filming and photography, Wellington, New Zealand – Part 102 qualified pilot

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