About Us



We are Moments Productions, established in 2016, founded by the dynamic, award-winning duo: Byron and Meagan Taylor. Before 2016, we had worked together for 10 years on video projects in South Africa – including our own television series – airing globally, including on TVNZ.

We’re a husband-and-wife team, embodying a unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise, leaving an impactful mark on the video production industry.

At Moments Productions, we don’t just create videos; we capture moments. Each frame, each project, is an opportunity to tell a story and encapsulate a brand’s essence. It’s a philosophy that has earned us the trust of many corporate and government clients.

Excellence is not a goal, but a commitment. We are renowned for our precision, organisation, and unwavering dedication to meeting deadlines. 

Our clients love working with us because we don’t just deliver videos; we craft moments that resonate, bringing their brand and narrative to life.

Byron Taylor

Founder | Creative Director

Meet Byron Taylor, the founder of Moments Productions. With a career spanning over three decades, Byron’s journey through the world of media and entertainment is nothing short of remarkable.

Starting his career in South Africa as a television presenter and actor in 1991, Byron quickly made a name for himself by interviewing world-renowned figures, including Nelson Mandela and starring in TV ads and films.

Byron’s passion for the art of filmmaking led him down an exciting path where he embarked on a journey to learn from some of the industry’s most incredible directors and film talents. This immersive experience provided him with the insights and expertise that would later define his career.

Armed with a thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of his creative vision, Byron earned a Bachelor of Business degree, adding a strong foundation of business acumen to his creative arsenal. He then embraced his love for travel and filmed his global escapades. The result? His self-produced TV series, “Travelling Unplugged,” which captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and in New Zealand. This remarkable feat is a testament to his dedication to storytelling, no matter where it takes him.

Byron Taylor’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to bringing stories to life. His journey from a television presenter to a celebrated filmmaker and founder of Moments Productions is a testament to the power of following one’s creative instincts. Through his journey, Byron aims to inspire and transform the way we see and share the world through the lens of video production.

Byron works hard to give his family a good life, is an awesome, fun dad and is disciplined at boxing training (ask about any upcoming fights he has lined up if you’re keen to watch him dominate in the ring). 

Meagan Taylor

Business Director | Head of Post Production

Meet Meagan Taylor, the driving force and Head of Post Production at Moments Productions. Her extraordinary journey through the realm of television and video projects began at the tender age of 16. Her early immersion into the world of television and video projects provided her with a unique lens through which she viewed the world, one infused with creativity, organisation, innovation and an unwavering commitment to the craft.

While attaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science, she embarked on a journey that took her to the UK, where she worked and travelled, enriching her understanding of the global tapestry of communication and visual narratives. She collaborated closely with Byron on the production of their TV series “Travelling Unplugged.”

Upon her arrival in New Zealand, Meagan continued to carve her legacy in the industry where she took on roles at leading advertising agencies, working on diverse client accounts, including brands such as Mitsubishi NZ, Z Energy, WorkSafe, Whittaker’s, Nestlé, VTNZ, Partners Life and Colgate.

Since joining Byron at Moments Productions, her mission was clear: elevate Moments Productions to unprecedented heights. Bringing her unparalleled love for processes and organisational finesse, she embarked on a journey to refine and enhance the way the team collaborates with clients and delivers on projects using her ability to seamlessly navigate the delicate balance between creative vision and client goals. Her impact on the company has been profound, infusing each project with a level of precision and structure that sets Moments Productions apart in the industry.

Meagan is a devoted mother to her and Byron’s kids: Ariella and Leo, as well as their fur kids: Cece, Koru and Neytiri. She also enjoys dancing, working out at her local BFT gym and boxing training.